Prime Management Certification of Operational and Key Personnel

Each nursing home is licensed by the State of Alabama Department of Public Health and each is certified by the US Department of Health and Human Services, Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services.

Each nursing home Administrator is licensed through the Alabama Board of Nursing Home Administrators.

Each nursing home undergoes an annual survey conducted by the Alabama Department of Public Health, Division of Health Care Facilities to ensure that the facility is in substantial compliance with federal regulations. All Prime homes were inspected during 2008 - 2009, and the results of the survey with the facility answers to deficiencies are posted in each facility for public inspection. Numerous websites also publish nursing home survey results, but normally these websites do not give facility compliance answers to survey findings. Therefore, you are invited to inspect the survey findings with facility answers to each deficiency that is posted in each home. It is important to remember that no licensed nursing home that is out of substantial compliance with the federal standards of practice can continue to operate indefinitely. If a nursing home has major compliance issues, state and federal regulators monitor the home for compliance based on an established time line published in the regulations.

Peggy Steed, Administrator at Dadeville Healthcare, has been a licensed nursing home administrator for 28 years. She began her nursing home administrator career at Dadeville Healthcare in 1981, then transferred to LaFayette Extended Care as administrator for 13 years. She returned to Dadeville Healthcare, our largest nursing home, in 2003.

Yvonne Butler was the Assistant Nursing Home Administrator at LaFayette Extended Care for 12 years before assuming the position of Administrator in 2003. Yvonne has been in the nursing home field and has worked in numerous positions in Alabama nursing homes for over 28 years.

Janice Tyler is new to Goodwater but not new to nursing home administration. She was Administrator of Wilder Healthcare Center in Dadeville for 9 years until that facility closed in June of 2009. Prior to that, Janice worked in the federal VA nursing home program for over 20 years.

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